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Garfield Township Cemetery

Garfield Township Memorial Cemetery is proud to honor our fallen heroes as well as members of our community. For more information around the Garfield Township cemetery, please get in touch with our sexton, Dan Stacey, at 616-262-9909. 

Garfield Township Memorial Cemetery will be closed annually the Monday following Veteran's Day thru April 1st. 

Please remove all temporary grave decorations and empty urns. Any questions, please contact Dan Stacey 616-262-9909.

Cemetery Services

Veterans Memorial Paver

Order Form

Help us honor our past and present veterans by purchasing a paver to line the Veteran's Memorial at the township. Veteran’s names and service information will be engraved on a 4” by 8” paver.

Cemetery Fees

If you'd like to honor your veteran or loved one at the Garfield Township, please download the document below to understand the costs and responsibilities.

Cemetery Ordinance

To protect public health, safety, and general welfare, please refer to the document below for regulations around the operation, control, and management of the Garfield Township's cemeteries.

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